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Minor Credit Hours: 18

To earn the Minor in Film Studies, students must complete 18 hours of approved courses. Of those 18 hours, the student must satisfactorily complete two required courses, 06-270 Introduction to Film Studies and 06-430 Film Theory and Criticism, a capstone seminar. The remaining 12 hours may be selected from among the list of approved electives below.

Each student's program of study in Film Studies is developed with the advice and consent of the advisor. In addition to the regularly offered courses listed here, other courses (such as Special Topics courses in various disciplines) and workshops meeting the requirements of the minor are listed together each semester in the University Course Schedule, published by the Office of the Registrar.

I. Required Courses (6)
06-270 Introduction to Film Studies (3)
06-430 Film Theory and Criticism (3)

II. Electives (12)
06-227 Stories into Film (3)
06-361 Topics in Film and Literature (3)
06-363 Postmodern American Fiction and Film (3)
06-370 Topics in Film Study (3)
06-371 Classic Hollywood Cinema (3)
06-372 The History of Film (3)
06-374 The Horror Film (3)
06-375 Women in Film (3)
06-376 World/Ethnic Film (3)
10-230 Digital Filmmaking (3)

III. One Elective may be selected from the following:
22-271 Acting I (3)
22-371 Acting II (3)
10-370 Opinion Writing (3)
10-426 Special Topics in Media (3)