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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 44-46

The Department of English features a fully approved English Language Arts program that prepares candidates to teach grades 6-12 in Illinois public and private schools. The program is approved by the State Teacher Certification Board, in conjunction with the Illinois State Board of Education, and includes all the requirements for a major in English Language Arts.  English majors specializing in Program One: English Language Arts must declare a major in Secondary Education.  See advisors in the Department of English and College of Education for specific approval and a list of required courses.

Teacher Candidates seeking a Type 09 Teaching Certificate in English Language Arts must complete the following coursework in the content area as well as professional education courses.  For a detailed description of the courses please click on the appropriate link. Only grades of “C” and above are acceptable in professional education courses and in any courses counted toward any endorsement or certificate.   A “C-” or lower grade will require that the course be repeated.

I. Core Courses in English Language Arts (44-46)

A. Required Foundational Courses in Literature (21)
06-235 U.S. Literature Survey 1: Beginnings to 1865 (3)
06-236 U.S. Literature Survey 2: 1865 to Present (3)
06-237 British Literature Survey 1: Beginnings to 1800 (3)
06-238 British Literature Survey 2: 1800 to Present (3)
06-250 Introduction to English Studies (3)
06-338 Teaching Young Adult Literature (3)
06-360 Shakespeare (3)

B. Required Foundational Courses in Language and Writing (7-9)
06-314 Linguistics (3)
21-YYY Second of two semesters of a foreign language: choose one of the following: (3)
21-104 First Year Spanish 2 (3)
21-204 Spanish for Heritage Speakers 2 (3)
21-108 First Year Arabic 2 (3)
21-112 First Year Chinese 2 (3)
21-114 First Year Japanese 2 (3)
21-118 First Year Polish 2 (3)
21-122 First Year Russian 2 (3)
21-124 First Year French 2 (3)
21-126 First Year Italian 2 (3)
21-128 First Year German 2 (3)
54-202 Sign Language I (3)
70-200 Introduction to Computer Science (3)
06-315 Grammar for Teachers (2)
(Students may test out of 06-315.)
06-316 Teaching Writing (3)
06-318 Writing Center Practicum (1)

C. Upper-level Writing Course: choose one from the following: (3)
06-300 Writing for the Professions (3)
06-301 Rhetoric for Writers (3)
06-302 Writing in the Disciplines (3)
06-306 Editing for Publishing (3)
06-307 The Electronic Word: Computers and Writing in Theory and Practice (3)
06-308 Technical Writing (3)
06-309 Topics in Writing (3)
06-310 Advanced Writing (3)
06-311 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
06-312 Intermediate Workshop in Creative Writing (3)
(Courses listed above fulfill the University's general education advanced writing requirement for English majors.)

D. Multicultural Literature: choose one of the following: (3)
06-334 Non-Western Literature (3)
06-339 Topics in World Authors (3)
06-346 Topics in Ethnic and Immigrant Literatures (3)
06-347 Native American Literature (3)
06-348 African American Literature (3)
06-356 Post-Colonial Literatures in English (3)

E. Advanced Study in Period or Genre: choose one of the following: (3)
06-341 Advanced Study in Early U.S. Literature (3)
06-343 Advanced Study in 19th Century U.S. Literature (3)
06-345 Advanced Study in Modern and Postmodern U.S. Literature (3)
06-351 Advanced Study in Early British Literature (3)
06-353 Advanced Study in 18th and 19th Century British Literature (3)
06-355 Advanced Study in Modern and Postmodern British Literature (3)

F. Capstone Experiences (4)
06-420 Literary Theory and Criticism (3)
06-380 The ePortfolio Seminar (1)

G. English Elective: choose one of the following (3)
06-234 Introduction to Poetry (3)
06-270 Introduction to Film Studies (3)
06-361 through 06-499 (any course exclusive of 06-380 and 06-420)

H. In consultation with their advisors in the Department of English, majors must submit an ePortfolio of writing for review. The ePortfolio represents assignments and projects completed in courses. Students should register to take 06-380 ePortfolio during the semester before student teaching. Further information can be obtained from the student’s advisor and the department chair.

II. Please see Secondary Education / Bachelor of Arts for required Education courses.