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Air Force ROTC is conducted at approximately 600 colleges and universities throughout the United States to select and train men and women to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Air Force. Most graduates who enter the Air Force through Air Force ROTC are assigned to positions consistent with their academic major. Other graduates who wish to do so may qualify to become pilots and navigators. Men and women who complete graduation requirements and the Professional Officer Course receive commissions and enter active duty as second lieutenants. Officers who qualify may take graduate training prior to beginning their military duties. The Lewis University program is operated in cooperation with the Department of Aerospace Studies at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Coursework may be taken at both Lewis University and the Illinois Institute of Technology.


Air Force ROTC offers both four-year and two-year commissioning programs for male and female students. The four-year program consists of the four-semester General Military Course (GMC) and the four-semester Professional Officer Course (POC) as listed below. Students usually start this program as first-year freshmen but may begin in their second year by enrolling in both first year- and second-year classes. Students who are not on scholarship may withdraw from the GMC at any time. Participants in the POC are selected from qualified volunteer applicants. An Air Force ROTC-paid four-week field training encampment, held at an Air Force base, is required for POC students. This requirement typically is completed during the summer between the second and third years. The major areas of study during field training include junior officer training, aircraft and crew orientation, career orientation, survival training, base functions and the Air Force environment.


The two-year program consists of a paid five-week summer field training encampment and the four-semester Professional Officer Course. Participants in this program are selected from qualified volunteer applicants. The program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students with fewer than three, but at least two, years remaining. The five-week field training is held at an Air Force base and is a prerequisite for the POC. The major areas of study are the same as those in the four-year program with the addition of the General Military Course academic curriculum. Upon successful completion of the five-week program, which includes the GMC academic curriculum, transfer credit of three semester hours will be applied toward the completion of the Air Force ROTC minor. Interested students should contact the Department of Aerospace Studies during the fall term of their second year.


Scholarships are available to qualified graduate and undergraduate students in both the four-year and the two-year programs. These scholarships may pay full tuition and fees, textbook allowance, and a monthly subsistence allowance. All members receive a subsistence allowance of $300 per month in their final two academic years. Scholarships are available for four-, three-, and two-year periods, depending on the studentís academic major. Qualified students desiring operational, technical/scientific, nontechnical (business), nursing or health-related (medicine, optometry) options should contact the Department of Aerospace Studies.


I. General Military Course (GMC)

This course of study examines the role of U.S. military forces in the contemporary world, with particular attention to the United States Air Force and its organization and mission. Required classes include:
87-101 Air Force Today I (1)
87-102 Air Force Today II (1)
87-201 The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power I (1)
87-202 The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power II (1)

II. Professional Officer Course (POC)

This course of study provides an examination of the broad range of U.S. civil-military relations, the environmental context in which U.S. defense policy is formulated and implemented, and the principles and practices of leadership and total quality management as they relate to the U.S. Air Force. Students may take any of these courses without entering the Air Force ROTC program:
87-301 Air Force Leadership Studies I (3)
87-302 Air Force Leadership Studies II (3)
87-401 National Security Affairs (3)
87-402 Preparation for Active Duty (3)