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Management majors study how organizations and people interact in a global business environment; how to lead, motivate, and manage a company’s organizational resources; and how to make sound management decisions. The Lewis Management curriculum assists individuals in developing the skills needed for management positions and those seeking a promotion within their organization.


Applicants should be at least 24 years of age; have earned a minimum of 12 semester (18 quarters) hours of transferable credit at a regionally accredited post-secondary institution; have earned a minimum of a 2.0 (4.0 scale) cumulative transfer GPA, based on all transferable courses to be considered for admission; and have at least 3 years of full-time work experience. Credits earned through PLA cannot be used for satisfying the transfer credit hour requirement for admission into an accelerated degree program. Business course grades of "C" or higher will be accepted for transfer into the major.


• Successful completion of a minimum of 128 semester credit hours.

• Completion of final 32 semester graded credit hours at Lewis University including four upper division foundation courses and/or major courses (12 semester credit hours.)

• Achievement of an overall grade point average of at least 2.00 (“C”) for all courses taken at Lewis University and a 2.20 average for the foundation and major area courses.

I. General Education (45) (Three Mission-related courses are required. Two must be taken at Lewis University)

II. Major Courses (40)
LA-120 Accounting for Managers (3)
LB-200 Principles of Management and Leadership (3)
LB-250 Business Law I (3)
LB-300 Business Communication in the Digital Age (3)
LB-360 Human Resource Management (3)
LB-420 International Business (3)
LE-200 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics (3)
(will satisfy General Education Social Science)
LE-330 Government and Business (3)
LF-200 Finance for Managers (3)
LG-200 Introduction to Information Systems (3)
LG-230 Finite Mathematics (3)
(will satisfy General Education Mathematics)
LG-349 Statistics for the Decision Maker (3)
LM-200 Principles of Marketing (3)
Students are required to take 61-390 Business Ethics/Ethical Dimensions in Corporate Culture (1 Credit Hour).
64-396 Major Field Test (0)

III. Minors
Select one of the following minors:

1. Finance (15 Hours)
LA-121 Principles of Accountancy II (3)
LE-201 Basic Microeconomics (3)
LF-300 Corporate Finance (3)
LF-410 Investment Analysis (3)
LF-440 International Finance (3)

2. Information Technology Management (15 Hours)

Core Courses (6 Hours)
LW-305 Enterprise Architecture (3)
LW-310 Principles of Project Management (3)

Select three electives (9 Hours)
LW-220 Business Programming (3)
LW-315 Systems Methodology and Design (3)
LW-330 Database Management Systems (3)
LW-415 Web Design Applications (3)
LW-430 Data Networks (3)
LW-450 Enterprise Security (3)

3. Leadership (15 Hours)
LB-355 Service Management (3)
LB-375 Organizational Behavior (3)
LB-380 Supervisory Management (3)
LB-450 Current Issues in Management and Business Ethics (3)
Leadership Seminars (Select 3 of 6)
- Now, Discover Your Strengths: Personal Leadership Assessment
- Coaching: Myers-Briggs
- Team Development
- Win/Win Negotiation
- FISH: Positive Attitude, Providing Exceptional Customer Service
- Business Etiquette

4. Marketing (Select 5 of 6)
LM-305 Introduction to Social Media Marketing (3)
LM-315 Advertising (3)
LM-374 Salesmanship (3)
LM-376 Social Media Marketing Strategies (3)
LM-468 International Marketing (3)
LM-470 Marketing Strategy (3)

5. Project Management (15 Hours)
Lewis University is certified as a Registered Educational Provider by the Project Management Institute (PMI)
LW-305 Enterprise Architecture (3)
LW-310 Principles of Project Management (3)
LW-325 Introduction to Six Sigma (3)
LW-425 Advanced Project Management (3)
Project Management Seminars (3)
- Project Management Tools
- Project Management Certification: Basic Prep
- Project Planning and Selection

Note:  Other College of Business minors are available.  Please contact your academic advisor.