Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

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Minor Credit Hours: 26-32

The SES Department offers a program to prepare students to coach organized athletic teams. The athletic coaching minor fulfills one of the required programs within a Liberal Arts major.

I. Required Courses (23-29)
53-481 Secondary Student Teaching (9)
16-258 Sport and Fitness Leadership (3)
16-171 First Aid and Adult CPR (1)
16-200 Sports Appreciation (3)
16-201 Foundations of Coaching (3)
16-211 Weight Training (3)
16-212 General Conditioning (3)
16-250 Introduction to Athletic Training (3)
16-251 Athletic Taping Lab (1)
16-256 Sport and Fitness Psychology (3)
16-343 Sport and Fitness Performance Enhancement (3)

II. Coaching Electives (3)
Students must select three hours from any of the advanced theory courses.

III. For students using the Athletic Coaching minor as a component of the Liberal Arts major, the advanced writing requirement is satisfied by successful completion of 06-300 Writing for the Professions or 06-310 Advanced Writing.