Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

COURSE: 61-475 Study Abroad Management Project (3)
Students participating in a Lewis approved semester study abroad, travel study, or international internship program can design a Study Abroad Project that integrates their practical study abroad experience with academic research and analysis in their academic field of interest. The Study Abroad Project provides the student the opportunity to expand knowledge and understanding of important international business issues not normally covered in the classroom and builds upon the study abroad experience gained from studying, living and/or working in a foreign country or countries to better meet their unique career, personal, or academic goals. Students design an appropriate topic in consultation with their advisor in collaboration with the Director of the Contemporary Global Studies and International Business Program. Note: International business, international marketing, international accounting, international economics, international finance and other Study Abroad projects are available. Please contact your advisor or the Director, Contemporary Global Studies and International Business for more information Prerequisite: Project in consultation with advisor. Offered: Every semester