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This program is designed for students who want to become professional managers in aviation. Upon completion of the program, students will be academically qualified to accept an entry-level management position in the airline industry, the aircraft manufacturing industry, a governmental agency, airport management and many others. Students in this major can tailor their educational programs to meet their educational goals. Options range from air traffic control to airport operations.

After matriculation at Lewis University (regardless of major), students are required to do all their flight training at Lewis.  Flight training received outside the university (while a Lewis University student) will not be transferred as flight lab credit into the flight program and the student will be ineligible to receive any academic credit for that Flight Lab.  To graduate as a flight major/associate/minor, a minimum of 5 flight lab credits and 6 credits in ground schools must be earned at Lewis University.

The by-pass exam is the method the Aviation Department uses to validate the FAA training that an incoming student has previously completed prior to matriculation into our program.  Upon successful completion of the by-pass exam, the student will receive the academic credits for the appropriate Ground School and labs for the previously completed FAA Certificates.  For instance, most commonly a student will enroll as a freshman and already have a FAA Pilot Certificate “in-hand."  That student will take a two hour oral exam with an Assistant Chief Pilot (when deemed ready by their Lewis flight instructor) and upon successful completion, have the Private Pilot Ground School 1 & 2 (47-130 & 47-131) along with the Private Pilot lab (47-132)  added onto their transcript under notations. This requires completion of the Review and Award of Academic Credit Form by the Chief of Pilot Training and the approval of the Department Chair.  Credit hours for the by-pass are added to the student's transcript during the second semester of the student's attendance at Lewis University. The by-pass exam would include the additional material appropriate to the additional ratings held.

By-pass credit hours (which are PLA or Prior Learning Assessment credits) awarded for a FAA license earned before matriculation do not replace the obligation of the student who pursues either the major or minor or associate degree in Aviation Flight Management to complete at Lewis the required upper-division courses (47-400's in the major curriculum;  47-331/332 and 47-460/461 in the associate curriculum;  and 47-331 and 47-332 in the minor curriculum).  Completing these major/associate/minor requirements includes a series of flight lessons in these aforementioned upper-division courses at Lewis with a Lewis flight instructor, on-going flight performance evaluation by the instructor, demonstrated piloting ability, an oral or written examination, and a successful FAA flight check.

For information that pertains to all aviation students, see Aviation Majors.