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The Department of Social Work, in keeping with the mission of Lewis University, strives to advance knowledge and wisdom, values fidelity, affirms the equal dignity of every person, encourages collaboration and service, and seeks to promote social justice for diverse communities, families, and individuals.  The Department of Social Work  aims to graduate competent, responsible entry-level generalist social work professionals and to prepare students for advanced study in social work.  To that end, Social Work courses have a comprehensive theoretical base, reflect research in the field, and teach evidence-based practice skills grounded in social work ethics. 

Lewis University’s history, mission, and values provide an institutional and contextual framework supporting a generalist education of those seeking future employment in the Social Work profession.   The revered ideals of an American  liberal education and the five values of the Mission Statement of Lewis University (fidelity, knowledge, association, wisdom, and justice) promote and encourage values practiced by Social Workers;  namely:  service to humanity, concern for social justice and the dignity of the person, the importance of human relationships, integrity, competence, the pursuit of human rights, and scientific inquiry.  The Department of Social Work identifies certain standards that must be taught throughout the curriculum.  Students will recognize the value of:  identifying as a Social Worker;  ethics;  critical thinking and communication;   the significance and appreciation of diversity;   the  requirements of social justice;   the need for research and for studying aspects of human behavior;  and the necessity for regulatory  policies, context-based practice, and engagement and intervention with individuals, families, and communities.  The graduate of the Lewis University Social Work program will be poised to earn the license to practice Social Work and to gain further knowledge of the field through graduate education.