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The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers courses for every member of the Lewis University community. The department also provides specialized courses leading to a major in Mathematics and specialized courses leading to a major in Computer Science.

The curriculum in Mathematics prepares students for careers as mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians, actuaries, high school mathematics teachers, and quantitative specialists in a variety of other fields. The curriculum, particularly the bachelor of science track, also prepares students for graduate study.

Mathematics majors are encouraged to take additional courses from other disciplines, such as business, the physical sciences, and the social sciences. The interests of the particular student should determine the specific area of study to complement the Mathematics major.

In addition to a challenging curriculum, students also have excellent opportunities to obtain valuable work experience while attending Lewis University. Lewis provides numerous work-study jobs for its undergraduates, in which students can gain hands-on experience maintaining computer systems and assisting other students. Local businesses frequently contact the department concerning both part-time and full-time employment opportunities. Many Mathematics and Computer Science majors work at Argonne National Laboratory as part of a cooperative program.


Students who wish to transfer to Lewis University and major in either Mathematics or Computer Science should examine the major course requirements and major course descriptions carefully. A course title might have significantly different meaning and content at another college or university. Most transfer students who enroll at Lewis starting their junior year can complete the major in two years; however, if there are deficiencies, an additional semester of study will probably be required.

Majors in Mathematics may wish to take a minor in Biotechnology.