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The Bachelor of Science program in Radiography offers a course of study that will prepare students for careers as radiographers. Majors will gain a strong background in the concepts of biology, with a particular concentration in physics, mathematics, computer technology, and medicine in using x-radiation as a diagnostic technology. Students may elect to follow the paradigm for the four-year program for the B. S. in Radiography in which the first three years of classes would be at Lewis University and the final clinical classes would be at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH). Admission to the clinical portion of the program is based upon successful application to the clinical internship at NMH in the second semester of the junior year. Student applications are considered and evaluated solely by the faculty/staff at NMH. Student admission to program at NMH is not guaranteed. Another option is for students to complete the normal four-year B.S. degree in Biology and then apply for a double major in Radiography or admission to NMH for the certificate program in Radiography.