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The Vascular Ultrasound Technology (VU) program is a joint effort between Rush University College of Health Science and Lewis University. Students will complete the prerequisite courses during 2 years at Lewis University and will apply for acceptance to Rush University during their sophomore year. If accepted, the remaining coursework will be completed at Rush University and the degree B.S. in Vascular Ultrasound Technology will be awarded by Rush University upon successful completion of the program.

Students need a minimum ACT composite score of 23 in order to take the first two years at Lewis University. Completion of the prerequisites does not guarantee admission into the program. Decisions concerning acceptance are solely determined by the admissions committee of Rush University College of Health Sciences. However, in the event that a student is not accepted into the VU program, the paradigm is set up in such a way that students can obtain a Biology degree from Lewis University in two additional years.

Students are required to shadow, observe a vascular ultrasound technologist, or show proof of such activity before applying to the program.