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The Lewis University MSIS Fast Track degree option program allows Computer Information Systems (CIS) majors to complete their undergraduate and graduate MSIS degree programs in less time than would be possible if taken separately. The graduate hours will be used to complete the bachelorís degree and to satisfy requirements for the Masterís degree.† Students must apply for admission to the Fast Track option by submitting a MSIS Fast Track Intent Form to the Graduate School of Management at the beginning of their senior year. Students admitted to the program must begin the MSIS coursework in the semester following graduation.

Computer Information Systems majors must have completed a minimum of 90 credit hours with a GPA of at least 3.00 for all undergraduate coursework, including any transfer credit. Undergraduate CIS majors must complete the graduate MSIS courses with a B- or better for admission into the MSIS Fast Track Program.

Graduate courses eligible for completion as undergraduates:

  • 68-505 Introduction to Information Security (Replaces 63-450 Enterprise Security)
  • 68-510 Data Networking (Replaces 63-430 Data Networks)
  • 68-563 Database Management and Security (Replaces 63-330 Database Management Systems)
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