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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 69

Aviation is a critical component of the transportation industry, and since September 11, 2001, the nationís focus has been on aircraft and airports.  However, there has been a growing recognition of the intermodality of transportation including the common concerns of train, truck, ship, airplane, and transit systems.  This program addresses the necessity of meeting the needs of and ensuring the safety of the nation's travelers and shippers.  The Lewis University Transportation Administration major is a broad-based major designed to prepare our graduates for careers in administrative and supervisory positions in the transportation industry.   Lewis Universityís location in Will County, the hub of intermodal transportation in the State of Illinois, is ideal for completing a degree program in Transportation Administration.  The adjoining airport and the various transportation systems in the Chicagoland area are distinguishing features of Lewis Universityís program.

Transportation is a complex industry which includes all means of transporting people, food, manufactured goods,  equipment, and energy.  Upon completion of the major, students will be academically qualified to accept entry-level management positions in transportation ventures.  For information that pertains to aviation students, see Aviation Majors.  

I. Core Courses (48)
13-120 Mathematical Analysis (4)
46-201 Aviation Physics I (4)
47-102 Introduction to Aviation and Transportation (1)
47-201 Human Factors in Transportation (3)
47-250 Aviation Meteorology I (3)
47-256 Building Competitive Operations Planning and Logistics (3)
47-257 Principles of Physical Distribution (3)
47-321 Transportation Legislation (3)
47-355 Motor Freight Administration (3)
47-356 Railroad Administration (3)
47-373 Transportation Safety (3)
47-402 Fiscal Aspects of Transportation (3)
47-430 Labor Relations in Transportation (3)
47-450 Issues and Trends in Transportation (3)
47-457 Multimodal Operations (3)
47-463 Aircraft Accident Investigation (3)

II. Department Electives (9)
A. Choose one Topics course from among the following:
47-358-1 Topics in Transportation: Energy Distribution (3)
47-358-2 Topics in Transportation: Pipeline Operations (3)
47-358-3 Topics in Transportation: Port Administration (3)
B. Choose two of the following:
47-313 Air Traffic Control Systems (3)
47-452 Airport Management (3)
47-453 Airline Management and Economics (3)

III. Management Courses (9)
23-120 Principles of Accountancy I (3)
61-200 Principles of Management (3)
61-360 Human Resource Management (3)
61-380 Supervisory Management (3)

IV. Technology Courses (3)
Choose one of the following:
70-190 Microcomputer Software (3)
61-300 Business Communication in the Digital Age (3)

V. Culminating Experience
The senior-year culminating experience 47-457 Multimodal Operations is required of all majors nearing graduation. The course will provide opportunities to learn through exercises replicating companies and will serve as one form of program assessment.

VI. Internship Option
Students who qualify with a 2.75 GPA (in both major courses and overall) will be encouraged to enroll in 47-495 Internship in Transportation.

VII. The advanced writing requirement is met by successful completion of 47-321 Transportation Legislation and 47-463 Accident Investigation.

VIII. General Education Courses
Fulfill these requirements as delineated in the Catalog.