Undergraduate Course Catalog 2011-2012

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Minor Credit Hours: 18


I. Required Courses (6)
20-108 Introduction to Women's Studies (3)
20-388 Women's Studies Capstone Seminar (3)

II. Select two of the following foundational courses (6)
26-240 Psychology of Women (3)
09-338 U.S. Women's History (3)
18-365 Women and Politics (3)
20-370 Sociology of Gender (3)

III. Select two electives (6)
• Students may replace one 3-credit elective with three one-credit workshops.
• It is required that at least one of the electives be from a discipline other than Psychology, Sociology, or Political Science.
• The two electives should be taken from different disciplines.
• It is strongly recommended that at least one elective focus substantially on non-Western, Third World or minority United States women.

IV. Regularly offered courses that fulfill electives for the Women’s Studies Minor:
15-225 Philosophical Issues in Race and Gender (3)
10-470 Seminar in Rhetoric and Communication: Feminist Rhetorical Theories (1-4)
19-384 Women and Religion (3)
16-261 Women In Sports (3)
26-241 Human Sexuality (3)
26-275 Topics in Psychology: Psychology of Minority Experience (3)
20-220 Marriage and the Family (3)
81-286 Domestic Violence (3)