Undergraduate Course Catalog 2011-2012

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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 36

I. Core Courses (12)
20-100 Principles of Sociology (3)
20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3)
20-496 Research Methods (3)
20-497 Applied Sociology (3)

II. Select eight electives. (24)

Seven electives (21 credit hours) must be taken from Sociology Department offerings. One non-Sociology elective may be chosen from outside the Sociology Department offerings. The choices are restricted to
78-100 Introduction to Social Work (3)
78-496 Research in Social Work (3)
81-286 Domestic Violence (3)
81-340 Drugs– Incidence and Abuse (3)

III. Principles of Sociology (20-100) fulfills the Social Science requirement of the curriculum, while Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (20-290 ) fulfills the Mission-related course requirement.

IV. The advanced writing requirement of the General Education curriculum is satisfied by Sociology majors by successful completion of Applied Sociology (20-497) (3).

V. It is strongly recommended that Sociology majors and minors fulfill the mathematics requirement with Statistics for the Social Sciences (26-303) (3).