Undergraduate Course Catalog 2011-2012

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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 57


To be admitted students should be at least 24 years of age; have earned a minimum of 12 semester (18 quarter) hours of transferable credit at a regionally accredited post-secondary institution; have earned a minimum of a 2.0 (4.0 scale) cumulative transfer grade point average based upon all transferable courses to be considered for admissions; and have at least three years of full-time work experience. Credits earned through Prior Learning Assessment cannot be used to satisfy the transfer credit hour requirement for admission into an accelerated degree program. Course grades of "C" or higher are required for business courses transferred into the major.


Successful completion of a minimum of 128 semester credit hours. 

Completion of the final 32 semester graded credit hours at Lewis University including four upper division foundation courses and/or major courses (12 semester credit hours).

Achievement of an overall grad point average of at least 2.00 ("C") for all courses taken at Lewis University and a 2.20 average for the foundation and major area courses.

I. General Education (45)
06-111 College Writing 1 (3)
06-112 College Writing 2 (3)
10-112 Introduction to Human Communication (3)
Mathematics (satisfied by Finite Math or other course equivalent) (3)
Social Science (satisfied by Macroeconomics) (3)
Social Science (3)
Social Science (3)
Natural Science (3)
Natural Science (3)
Three of the following five courses
Fine Arts Requirement (3)
09-101 Culture and Civilization I (3)
09-102 Culture and Civilization II (3)
Literature Requirement (3)
15-110 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
Two of the following Mission-based courses must be taken at Lewis
09-101 Culture and Civilization I (3)
15-330 Ethics (Action and Values) (3)
20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3)
Theology (3)

II. Foundation Courses (30)
LF-200 Finance for Managers (3)
LB-200 Principles of Management and Leadership (3)
LB-300 Business Communication in the Digital Age (3)
LM-200 Principles of Marketing (3)
LB-355 Service Management (3)
LB-420 International Business (3)
LW-310 Principles of Project Management (3)
LG-349 Statistics for the Decision Maker (3)
Foreign Language Requirement (satisfied by Beginning Spanish or equivalent) (3)
Computer Systems Requirement (satisfied by Intro to Information Systems or equivalent) (3)

III. Major Courses (24)
25-373 Hospitality Marketing (3)
LW-415 Web Design Applications (3)
L6-365 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3)
Hotel Management (satisfied by transfer equivalent) (3)
LP-410 Managing Quality Service (3)
LP-310 Trends in Financial Management for the Hospitality Industry (3)
LB-368 Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship (3)

IV. Capstone (3)
LP-415 Strategic Planning for the Hospitality Industry (3)

V. Electives
Elective credit hours will be satisfied through freshman and sophomore level hospitality courses transferred to Lewis from a regionally accredited community college, technical college, or four-year college/university. Examples of elective courses acceptable for transfer may include meeting and convention planning, culinary arts management, hospitality law, hospitality management, banquet and special services, and hospitality operations. The program advisor will work with students to determine the appropriate courses for meeting the elective credit hours required.