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Minor Credit Hours: 18

As the Spanish-speaking population of the United States and the world continues to grow, the demand for bilingual and bicultural professionals in nearly every field will grow as well. In addition, as that population derives primarily from Latin America and as Inter-American Studies are becoming both more prevalent and critical, students with a minor focused on Spanish within and across the Americas should be very competitive on the job market and able to contribute more meaningfully in a number of intercultural, employment, social, and community service settings.  Heritage speakers must consult the Director of the Foreign Language Program when selecting language courses for this minor.  Spanish Language and Culture minors are encouraged to pursue a second minor in Latina/o Studies.

I. Required Language Courses (9)
21-103 First Year Spanish 1 (3)
21-191 First Year Language in Location 1 (3)
21-104 First Year Spanish 2 (3)
21-192 First Year Language in Location 2 (3)
21-282 Second Year Spanish 1 (3)
21-291 Second Year Language in Location 1 (3)
06-314 Linguistics (3)

II. Elective Culture Courses (9)
Choose three courses from at least two different departments. Topics courses and seminars must be related to Spanish-speaking nations.
06-220 Topics in Literature (3)
06-339 Topics in World Authors (3)
06-376 World/Ethnic Film (3)
06-370 Topics in Film Study (3)
09-211 Latin American and Caribbean History: Ancient Times to the Present (3)
09-390 Topics in History (3)
15-366 Latin American Philosophy (3)
18-335 Latin American Politics (3)
19-270 Christian Faith and the Arts (3)
19-281 Christianity in Africa, Asia, and Latin America (3)
19-285 Theologies of Liberation (3)
20-492 Special Topics in Sociology (3)
21-120 International Experience Seminar (1)
21-283 Second Year Spanish 2 (3)
21-292 Second Year Language in Location 2 (3)

26-497 Seminar: Liberation Psychology (3)

III. At least 2 courses in the minor must be at the 300 or 400 level.

IV. Spanish Language and Culture minors are encouraged to consider taking a minor in Latin American and Latina/o Studies.
Consult the Chair of Sociology. Double minors may complete the Latin American and Latina/o Studies minor by taking the following courses:

09-390 Topics in History:  Introduction to Latina/o Studies (3)
18-335 Latin American Politics (3)
20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3)
20-390 Capstone in Latin American and Latina/o Studies (3)
Ethnic and Cultural Studies (9)

Choose, with the advice and consent of the director of the Ethnic and Cultural Studies Program, 9 credit hours in Latin American and Latina/o courses not duplicated among courses listed above. Two courses (6 credits) in this minor must be at the 300 or 400 level.