Undergraduate Course Catalog 2011-2012

COURSE: 25-373 Hospitality Marketing (3)
This course provides an understanding of the role of marketing within a hospitality (service) organization. This course will introduce basic concepts and skills in all areas of hospitality marketing, and will address differences between hospitality, tourism and other service industries. This course provides examples and applications that illustrate the major decisions hospitality marketing managers face in their efforts to balance objectives and resources against needs and opportunities in today's global marketplace. Topics include the analysis of marketing opportunities such as convention sales and group promotions, organizing marketing activities, and planning the marketing program. Fundamentals of advertising, publicity, and public relations and the part each plays in a coordinated business promotion program for different types of hospitality enterprises are studied. Other topics include analyzing market opportunities; positioning, segmenting and targeting markets; marketing information and marketing research; marketing strategy; marketing planning and organization; service operation and marketing; price, product, and location; distribution, advertising, promotion, and personal selling; and marketing communication. Prerequisite: 25-200. Offered: Spring.