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The Liberal Arts major is intended for students who require more flexibility in their program of studies than a traditional major allows. In consultation with the director of the program, each Liberal Arts major designs a program of studies that will focus on the student's academic interests.

The various combinations among minors provides the student with exciting possibilities such as Mathematics and Sociology;  Paralegal Studies and Philosophy of Law;  Environmental Studies and Public Administration;  Biology and Art;  Film Studies and Psychology;  Theology or Spanish Language and Culture and Latina/Latino Studies;  Music and English;  Aviation Flight Management and Physics; and many more interesting and inviting blends.   

The Liberal Arts major provides the student with a broad foundation in the arts and/or sciences.  For example, the student can study two very different minors, such as Art and Chemistry, or two minors closely aligned but not overlapping, such as Literature and History.  Courses in the two minors may not be duplicates.  Any two minors in the College of Arts and Sciences may be chosen.  Ideally, the combination of the two minors gives the student the opportunity to focus on knowledge pertinent to the student's career or personal enrichment.