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The School for Professional and Continuing Education provides adult students an opportunity to complete a college degree with a learner-centered, accelerated delivery format compatible with their needs and lifestyles.

Most three semester credit hour courses are completed in five-or eight-week sessions. The academic focus is on the integration of theory and practice emphasizing application, analysis and synthesis through collaborative learning experiences. Through small class size, group interaction and one's unique life experiences, the classroom becomes a dynamic environment in which each student is an active participant.

Lewis faculty are prepared as teachers, scholars, researchers and practitioners. In the adult classroom, they serve as coaches, role models and facilitators. Each holds a Masterís or Doctoral degree, providing a rich blend of academic knowledge in their discipline with practical, professional experience.

The College of Business has three comprehensive purposes:

1 to help students understand the function of business in the development and stability of local, national and international societies;

2. to assist students in their mastery of the knowledge and skill necessary for careers in business; and

3. to instill in business graduates capabilities for quality decision-making and leadership, with an ethical sensitivity and sense of justice and social responsibility.