Sophomore Review Process


The Sophomore Review is a process designed to assist students and their advisors in the planning of a thoughtful, student-focused educational and professional plan while at Lewis University.  Students are asked to review their courses and extra-curricular activities from the first two years (or during their first semester at Lewis University if the individual is a transfer student).  This process allows students to evaluate their performance to date and assess how it compliments their career goals.  Students are required to include elements in their review that they will need to incorporate or consider into their final two years of undergraduate education.  These are elements that are essential for the student to be competitive in the profession(s) they wish to pursue. 

Elements that are required components of the Sophomore Review include, but are not limited to:

  1. Professional (or related) programs of interest (EX: Medical – Allopathic and/or Osteopathic, Podiatry, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Graduate Studies)

  2. Centralized application services associated with these programs; students must include:
    1. date(s) that each service opens for student applications
    2. the costs associated with the program
  3. Standardized test(s) required by programs; must include:
    1. cost of the test
    2. date(s) the test is offered
    3. format of the test (i.e., computer based, instant score report/delayed score report, etc)
  4. Professional programs the student is interested in (specific institutions).  Details for EACH program should include:
    1. Average standardized test score for admitted students (NOT minimum score)
    2. Average GPA (science and cumulative) for admitted students (NOT minimum)
    3. Coursework required for consideration as well as an evaluation of “(highly) recommended” coursework
    4. Cost for applying to the program
  5. The student should, based upon the aforementioned information, develop a plan with his/her advisor to meet the programmatic expectations in the remainder of his/her undergraduate education.


Students are required to submit this review at the end of their sophomore/2nd year and will be submitted to the appropriate parties by the first day of the fall semester of the junior year.  Submissions will be accepted all summer.  Transfer students with more than 55 credit hours earned will also be required to complete/submit a review.  For transfer students, the review must be submitted by the end of the first week of the second semester the student is in attendance at Lewis University. The following submissions must be made for the student’s file to be considered complete:

  1. Electronic version (PDF or DOC(X)) submitted to the Biology secretary as well as the Pre-Health Professions director.  E-mail these documents to:
    1. Linda Snell;
    2. Dr. Jennifer Roberts;
  2. A hard copy of the document must be submitted to the student’s academic advisor. The STUDENT is responsible for this submission by the end of the first week of the fall (or new) semester.   

Transfer students with less than 55 credit hours would be required to complete the process by the end of their first academic year (second semester) at Lewis University with the document to be submitted by the first day of the third semester in attendance.

The Sophomore Review is not required for a student to graduate from Lewis University.  However, students who fail to complete the review cannot have letters of recommendation written by the Pre-Professional Council or any faculty in the Natural Sciences or Mathematics/Computer Sciences, regardless of the situation.  If the student’s document is deemed inadequate/insufficient, he/she will be given the opportunity to revise (1 week extension).  Failure to submit a complete/adequate document will lead to the rejection of any letter request(s).

Students will be permitted to change their focus after the submission of the review (PA to PT, for example) and still secure letters.  However, if students fail to submit a review completely and, subsequently, decide they want to apply to graduate programs (and need letters), they must either:

  1. Complete the review no less than 6 months prior to requesting letters of support OR
  2. Wait 18 months after graduation to secure letters of support.

NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this policy.  Please do not simply “skip” this assignment and then expect that you can secure a letter later.


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