Graduate Aviation Student Testimonials

Rob Landers (MS '18)

For many veterans, separating from the military is a challenging, and often times daunting experience. Lewis University's Office of Veteran's Affairs simplified post-military integration by providing first-class service and stalwart support. Steadfast involvement from a compassionate team of VA professionals, organize professional development activities throughout the academic school year. As a retired warrant officer and former Blackhawk helicopter pilot, I unequivocally endorse the student and veteran friendly services provided by Lewis University.

The Master of Science in Aviation and Transportation (MSAT) program is exceptional. Designed to accommodate working individuals, students chose between on-campus courses offered in the evening, or a collaborative, student-focused online format. The MSAT program provides a comprehensive skill-set demanded by world-renowned organizations. For example, within two weeks of beginning the MSAT program, Argonne National Laboratory hired me as a student intern. At Argonne National Laboratory, I work on cutting-edge research and development projects, helping reinforce the curriculum inculcated at Lewis University.

Chas Martinetz (BS ’17; MS ’18)

The 4+1 program allowed me to substitute graduate level courses in substitution for multiple courses in both of my undergrad majors in aviation. The flexibility of Lewis' MSAT program helped support me in being a full-time student, year round while using my VA benefits. The combination of night classes or online made pursuing internships and employment significantly easier. Plus, my instructors' knowledge and real-world examples have provided me with information that will last a lifetime.

Joe Ursone (MS '18)

I am an international corporate captain routinely flying multi-week trips that make it impossible to attend a traditional classroom environment. Faced with this challenge I began to look for an alternative to continue my education. As I searched for a solution I discovered the on-line Masters of Science in Aviation and Transportation program at Lewis University. This format provides me with the ability to complete my education while still traveling around the world. The classes are stimulating and rewarding, as they are relevant to today's dynamic aviation industry. The professors are passionate about aviation, which only enhances the education experience at Lewis. The ability to exchange ideas and experiences on-line with others has proven to be invaluable in continuing my aviation education. My educational experience with Lewis University has far exceeded my expectations. It is because of Lewis University that I will be able reach my education goal of getting a Master's Degree.

Priyanka Joshi (MS '16)

Working in the airline industry for three years after completing my bachelor's degree in aviation, I was ready to pursue an advanced degree in aviation to further my career in the field. Lewis University provided me with the perfect opportunity for this. I received a Graduate Assistant position in the department, which not only made it possible for me to afford graduate school but also provided me with hands-on research experience and prepared me for a long-term career in the field. The program offered excellent classes and all the faculty members were very helpful. They encouraged us to actively participate in aviation activities to make the learning process more practical and fun. Also, the program hosts several on-site career fairs to help us get direct contact with aviation professionals, internship opportunities, and full time jobs. I am very thankful for the opportunities I received at Lewis University which helped me to get a full time job right after graduation.

Kayan Todiwalla (MS '16)

Participating in the 4+1 option has enabled me to receive my master's degree in Aviation and Transportation within one year after completing my undergraduate degree. Taking graduate level courses during my undergrad that counted for both degrees not only reduced the financial burden of a graduate degree but also challenged me to develop a much better understanding and appreciation of the different facets that make up the aviation and transportation industry.

Ryan Crabbe (MS '10)

Lewis University's Master of Science prepared me for a great career in the Aviation Industry. I am currently celebrating my third anniversary with United Airlines as a First Officer on the 737. The knowledge and skills that I developed at Lewis have afforded me the opportunity to work on various projects for United. Most recently I finished an assignment in the O'Hare Chief Pilot Office working as support for the Chicago based pilot group. In 2016, I was a Facilitator in United's Leadership, Excellence, and Professionalism program. This program was CRM based and focused on developing mentorship and aviation skill sets. In 2015, United conducted a Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) of our entire fleet. This required me to observe seventeen different flight crews on all fleets including the 747 and 777. This amazing experience brought me to destinations such as Hong Kong, Guam, and the Marshall Islands. I love my career and I owe a lot of it to Lewis University.

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