With just an extra year, qualified undergraduate aviation students can earn a master’s degree in aviation and transportation.

Lewis University undergraduate students enrolled in select baccalaureate programs have the opportunity to begin taking graduate coursework in their senior year (completion of 90+ credit hours). The Aviation and Transportation Studies Department offers a Bachelor’s to Master’s 4+1 Program option for Lewis University undergraduate Aviation majors. All qualified Aviation majors (3.0 GPA) may take advantage of this 4+1 Program. A student in this 4+1 Program may apply no more than three (3) graduate courses toward their undergraduate Bachelor of Science major in Aviation and Transportation. All graduate classes taken will be available for future use toward a graduate degree. 

The student continues to be classified as an undergraduate student, with all rights and responsibilities, until all degree requirements for the baccalaureate degree are completed. To maintain full-time status as an undergraduate student, 12 or more semester hours must be taken each term. Qualified students approved for this 4+1 Program option may apply financial aid to graduate courses. 

This is not an early-admission program, as students accepted into this 4+1 Program option are required to apply for regular graduate admission consistent with University policy as outlined in the Graduate Catalog. With proper planning, the Master's of Science in Aviation & Transportation (MSAT) could be awarded within one year of graduating with the Bachelor’s degree. 

Students apply for admission to this 4 + 1 Program Option by submitting the application form found on MyLewis under Records & Registration, Academic Information, "Baccalaureate to Master's Program" to the Dean of the School of Graduate, Professional, and Continuing Education (SGPCE) when they reach senior status (complete 75 credits) and have achieved an overall GPA of 3.0. 

See Fast Track: Bachelor's to Master's Program Guidelines for additional information. 


For more information contact your Academic Advisor.

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