Discover your voice and refine your skills as an artist.

Lewis’ General Studio Art degree offers a broad course of study – placing a strong emphasis on self expression and artistic exploration.

Lewis’ Department of Art & Design offers a fine arts approach to visual literacy. Through our core fine arts curriculum, you will explore theory and techniques from a wide range of styles – not only pursuing your current interests but opening up your mind to a whole new world of art, and discovering how the digital revolution is changing the marketability of the fine artist.

Many students choose General Studio Art as part of a double major, alongside a degree such as theatre, education, psychology and more, for additional marketability.

General Studio Art Coursework Includes:

  • Advanced Drawing
  • Advanced Life Drawing
  • Advanced Painting
  • Advanced Design
  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • Advanced Printmaking

Life After Lewis

Upon graduation, you will be prepared to work professionally in the field of fine arts or continue on to graduate school to continue your education.

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