University Technology Advisory Committee


The University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC) is responsible for advising the UTC on the technology vision, strategies and direction as they relate to teaching, learning, scholarship, and research.  The UTAC will represent faculty interests and concerns in the direction of University technology operations (as they relate to the academic endeavors).  The committee will recommend new or revise existing technology initiatives that promote academic pursuits.  The UTAC will also recommend technology professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.


UTAC is a committee of the Faculty Senate.  The committee will consist of a cross section of the University community that represents key entities that use academic technology and services.  The committee membership will be governed by the bylaws of Faculty Senate.  The Provost and Chief Information Officer (CIO) will be ex-officio members of the committee.

In addition, the following individuals from the following areas will join UTAC two meetings per semester to discuss technology issues related to teaching, learning, scholarship, and research.

  • Business Office Representative
  • Faculty Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • Library
  • Mission/Student Success
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