How to Create a New Organization

There are many challenges and rewards to starting from a new organization; however it may be easier to get started than you think. The Student Activities office has created this simple check list for how to make your idea a reality. As always, our staff is available to answer your questions and guide you through the new organization process:

  • Gather at least five full-time undergraduate students that will be members of the organization
  • Obtain a Lewis University Formal Recognition Form packet from the Office of Student Activities
  • Recruit a full-time Lewis Faculty or Staff member to serve as a Moderator
  • Submit the completed Lewis University Formal Recognition Form by the semester deadline
  • Fall semester deadline: last Friday in September
  • Spring semester Deadline: last Friday in February

Once all the paperwork is completed, students wishing to create a new organization will need to meet with the Coordinator of Student Organizations to review the paperwork and demonstrate the following:

  • A compelling need for the new organization
  • The uniqueness of its purpose and service
  • Compatibility with the University Mission
  • Proof of a dedicated and available Moderator
  • Submit copies of a Constitution and by-laws, history of the group (if applicable), statement of purpose, etc.
  • Submit a list of all students seeking membership in the new organization (minimum of 5)
  • Submit an Activity Plan that includes budgetary needs
  • Provide copies of any national/international policies and procedures, if applicable (e.g. Greek Letter Organizations)

After all the relevant information has been submitted to the Office of Student Activities, it will be reviewed by the Student Governing Board, Office of Student Activities, and the Dean of Students for final approval.

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