De La Salle Medallion for Exemplary Volunteer Service (Students)

Student Category

The De La Salle Medallion for Exemplary Volunteer Service honors two Lewis University students who have performed exemplary volunteer service on campus or in their communities. The medallions are presented each year during Founders Week at the President’s Recognition of Student Volunteers.

Nomination Criteria

The recipient must...

  • be a Lewis University undergraduate student (traditional program)
  • be in good academic standing (not on academic probation or have outstanding judicial issues)
  • have provided service to the Lewis community and/or a recognized agency or institution in the student’s hometown or in the community at large
Previous Recipients

The following students have received this award in the past:

  • 1994 Steven Zlatic & Kijuana Rawls
  • 1995 Susan Stupec & Jennifer Verber
  • 1996 Karen Adamczyk & Sharon O’Connell
  • 1997 Nancy McDonough & Carie Liska
  • 1998 Martha E. Villegas & Erik Garrett
  • 1999 Kathy Woods & Carolyn Tomaino
  • 2000 Israel Velazquez & Dina Bohanek
  • 2001 Tom Cook & Marcus Morton
  • 2002 Sergio Bueno & Lauren Sandusky
  • 2003 Sarah DeMarco & Karina Gonzalez
  • 2004 Shannon Berg & Evan Davis
  • 2005 Laura Baltuska & Stefanie Lebre
  • 2006 Rachel Kovach & Deanna Chesniak
  • 2007 Monica Aguero, Sophia Cartagena & Amanda Hammond
  • 2008 Richard Brown & Michelle Hoffman
  • 2009 Daina Norusis & Eileen Mizwicki
  • 2010 Amy Smith & Anna DiCosola
  • 2011 Christopher Hueg & Clare Kessler
  • 2012 Sean Ruane & Sophia Barakat
  • 2013 Ron Pollak & Joseph Preston
  • 2014 Yolanda Franco & Elizabeth Jilek
  • 2015 Sean Cleary & Erin Richards
  • 2016 Kaitlyn Sendzik & Nicole Reidy
Nomination Form

Note: Nominations must be submitted by Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

To nominate a student for this award, please complete the following information:

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Was the volunteer service performed on campus or was it volunteer work in the community?
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Please describe the type of service performed by the nominee:

Please describe the uniqueness of the nominee’s volunteer contribution(s):

How has the service experience had an impact on the nominee (if known)? How does the nominee incorporate volunteer service into his or her lifestyle?

Why is the nominee deserving of this award?

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Please review the text of your nomination carefully. Once submitted, it cannot be edited or revised. For additional information, please contact Dr. Kurt Schackmuth, Vice President for Mission and Academic Services at extension 5810 or via e-mail at

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