De La Salle Medallion for Exemplary Volunteer Service (Faculty)

Faculty Category

The De La Salle Medallion for Exemplary Volunteer Service honors a faculty member who performs outstanding volunteer service at Lewis University or in his or her community.

Nomination Criteria

The nominee may be someone you have witnessed perform volunteer service, someone you have heard about, or it could be you (self-nominations will be accepted). The recipient must be affiliated with Lewis University for five academic semesters. The nominee’s volunteer service should not be part of his or her everyday responsibilities as a Lewis University employee. Nominees will be evaluated on quality of service, initiative, uniqueness of contribution, and effect of service on the nominee.

Previous Recipients

The following faculty members have received this award in the past:

  • 1997 Margaret Juraco
  • 2000 Brother Mark McVann, FSC
  • 2001 Dr. Laura Sloan
  • 2002 Brother Thomas Dupre’, FSC
  • 2003 Maureen Moore
  • 2004 Keith White
  • 2005 Dr. James Houlihan & Dr. Jennifer Roberts
  • 2006 Gail Vitale & Dr. Pamela Martyn-Nemeth
  • 2007 Dr. Raymond Klump & Dr. Susan Forbes
  • 2008 Dr. Katherine Helm
  • 2010 Brother Robert Wilsbach
  • 2010 Linda Elsik
  • 2011 Larry Weirs
  • 2012 Robert Bergman
  • 2013 Dr. Lauren Rentfro
  • 2014 Dr. James Burke
Nomination Form

Note: Nominations must be submitted by Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

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Please review the text of your nomination carefully. Once submitted, it cannot be edited or revised. For additional information, please contact Dr. Kurt Schackmuth, Vice President for Mission and Academic Services at extension 5810 or via e-mail at

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