Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award

The Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award honors an educator (not limited to a classroom teacher) who exemplifies the ideals of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. This award is one of Lewis University’s most prestigious faculty and staff awards.

Nomination Criteria

The recipient must...

  • be an educator (faculty or staff member) who has served at Lewis University for at least five years
  • work with the educational community to foster Gospel values in the lives of faculty, staff and students
  • see Lewis University as a place of educational excellence which shares in the teaching mission of the Catholic Church and the traditions of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.
Previous Recipients

The following faculty and staff members have received this award in the past:

  • 1993 Dr. John Greenwood
  • 1994 Dr. Michael Cunningham
  • 1995 Dr. Stephany Schlachter
  • 1996 Br. Leo Forgette, FSC
  • 1997 Dr. James Houlihan
  • 1998 Professor Barbara Nichols
  • 1999 Sr. Noel Dreska, OSF
  • 2000 Br. Tom Dupre, FSC
  • 2001 Mary DeGraw
  • 2002 Professor Margaret Juraco
  • 2003 Br. Pierre St. Raymond, FSC, Br. James Gaffney, FSC
  • 2004 Dr. Paul Kaiser
  • 2005 Dr. Cathy Ayers, Dr. Jeanette Mines
  • 2006 Dr. Janice Smith
  • 2007 Dr. Edmund Kearney
  • 2008 Br. Philip Johnson, FSC
  • 2009 Dr. Laura Sloan
  • 2010 Joseph Falese, Kurt Schackmuth
  • 2011 Dr. Ray Klump
  • 2012 John Carey
  • 2013 Denise Rich
  • 2014 Dr. Dennis H. Cremin
  • 2015 Dr. Jason Keleher
  • 2016 Brother Raymond McManaman, FSC
  • 2017 Dr. Joyce Hayward, Robert C. DeRose