Office of Technology

Lewis VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The Lewis VPN (Virtual Private Network) will allow all faculty and staff access to Lewis Network drives from outside the network. In order to use the VPN, users must be off-campus or using the wireless network and not logged into the Lewis University network.

VPN Connection
The VPN will allow you to access any files on your personal or departmental network drive. It will not provide access to anything stored on the hard drive of your desktop computer. Editing and saving existing files works somewhat differently than when you are working directly on the network.

EDC/Univers users can also login to see data via the VPN. To do so, you will need to have the EDC/Univers client installed on the computer you are using. If you have a Lewis University machine, the EDC/Univers client will already be installed. If you need to install the EDC/Univers client on your home computer, you may contact the Service Desk to obtain the installation CD. (Please allow two business days to process these requests).

Please be sure to carefully read the instructions that can be downloaded: Using the VPN