Office of Technology

Mass Email Policy

Lewis University Mass Emailing Policy

Mass emailing within the Lewis University community is an important method of communication within the University. However, this capability should only be used for University sanctioned events or notices. Mass emails are those addressed to large groups (e.g., Lewis Faculty, Lewis Staff, and/or Lewis Students) within our email system. Mass emails that are being restricted include, but are not limited to, advertising non-University sanctioned events, soliciting contributions not related to the University, selling products, advocating for causes, supporting political candidates, requesting personal assistance, forwarding other non-university related email, and email with vulgar, harassing or threatening content.

This restriction applies to all members of the Lewis University community (faculty, staff, students, or anyone having email rights on the Lewis University network). Users who violate this policy may have their access to network services restricted or removed. Further violations may lead to disciplinary action.

Process to Mass Email to Lewis Students

To help insure the Lewis University Mass Emailing Policy is followed for emailing to Lewis University students the following process will be used:

  1. Send desired email to “Lewis_Students” in the global address list, which will place the email in a special distribution mail box for review.

  2. Email from Lewis Faculty or Lewis Staff will be approved and forwarded without review and with no replies accepted within 48 hours.

  3. Approved emails from other sources will be forwarded from this special distribution mail box, with an expiration date and with no replies accepted, to the Lewis University student community within 48 hours.

Automated replies (“Reply to” or “Reply to all”) to these mass emails for students will be automatically deleted without being read. If a response is needed, the text of the email should direct the responder to a specific email address.