Office of Human Resources

General Benefits Information (Faculty)

Medical Insurance: (Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust)

Employee Coverage

  • Employees earning less than$35,000/year pay 7.5% of premium per paycheck ($25.40/paycheck);
  • Employees earning $35,001 - $60,000/year pay 12% of premium per paycheck ($40.64/paycheck);
  • Employees earning more than $60,000/year pay 15% of premium per paycheck ($50.80/paycheck).
  • Pre-Tax payment option can be exercised
  • Regular part time employees (20 hours or more per week) are responsible for ½ monthly premium ($169.32/paycheck)
  • PPO Plan (Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO Network), but may go outside network if desired
  • Insurance is effective on the first day of the month following the employee's date of hire


  • $250/individual, $750/family maximum deductible per calendar year;  
  • Out-of-pocket limit is $2,000/individual,
  • $4,000/family for in-network use;
  • Dr. & Hospital in PPO network: 80%/20%;
  • $20 co-pay for Dr’s office visits;
  • $50 co-pay for ER visit
  • $200 co-pay for hospitalization

(Co-pays do not count towards deductible)


  • $500/individual, $1500/family maximum deductible per calendar year;
  • Out-of-pocket limit is $4,000/individual, $8,000/family for out-of- network use;
  • Dr. & Hospital- out of network: 50%/50%

(No co-pays - out-of-network)

Employee may choose not to enroll in the insurance coverage.  If so, a $500 (gross), one-time payment will be given.  Employees may enroll or re-enroll during the Open Enrollment period.

This does not apply to graduate assistantships or regular, part-time employees.

Dependent Coverage

  • 40% paid by employee, University pays 60% of coverage-Current premium $1,026.14 per month, regardless of the number of dependents enrolled; $189.44 will be deducted per paycheck based on 26 pays per year
  • Pre-Tax payment option can be exercised                                           
  • Same medical, dental and prescription benefits as employee
  • Effective the first day of the next month following date of employment
  • If enrolled within 31 days of employee's date of hire, medical records will not be required, and dependents cannot be denied. However, if application is not made within 31 days, dependents may enroll or re-enroll during the Open Enrollment period.
  • Dependents are not eligible for life insurance or long-term disability coverage

Your medical plan requires surgical review, hospital preadmission, and diagnostic authorization.

You or your doctor must call the Health Information Line:

  • Before any surgical procedure
  • In advance of any non-emergency admission
  • Within two working days after any emergency admission
  • Before any diagnostic imaging test (CT/PET scans, MRIs)

Surgical Review, Hospital Preadmission and Diagnostic Authorization are obtained by calling:
Authorization Phone Number: 1-800-533-5044

Failure to comply will reduce benefits.

Dental Insurance (Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust)

  • No additional cost to employee; dependent included w/medical premium                                          
  • $50 per calendar year deductible; maximum of $150 per family
  • $1,500 maximum coverage per calendar year
  •  Pays 100% of checkup & cleaning every six months, x-rays once-per-year, before deductible is met

Prescription Insurance (Express Scripts)

  • No additional cost to employee
  • At participating retail pharmacies: (up to a 30-day supply)
    • $10 or 20% of the prescription cost-whichever is greater, for Generic drugs
    • $20 or 20% of the prescription cost-whichever is greater for Preferred Brand Name drugs
    • $50 or 20% of the prescription cost-whichever is greater-for Non-preferred brand name drugs
  • Through Express Scripts Mail order & Home Delivery:  (up to a 90-day supply)
    • $20 Co-Pay for Generic Drugs
    • $50 Co-Pay for Preferred Brand Name drugs
    • $125 Co-Pay for Non-preferred Name Brand drugs

Vision Insurance

  • No deductible;
  • Pays up to $50/year for exam;
  • Pays up to $100/24 months for frames;
  • Pays from $50 to $100 for one pair of lenses/12 month period or one pair of contacts every 12 months

Life Insurance (and Accidental Death Benefit) (Standard Insurance Co. through CBEBT)

  • No cost to employee
  • Term life insurance benefit equal to 1-1/2 times annual salary

NOTE: Benefit in excess of $50,000/year is taxable income

Long-Term Disability Insurance (LTD) (Standard Insurance Co. through CBEBT)

  • Benefit: 60% of salary as LTD income after a 90 day qualifying period

Pension (Christian Brothers Employee Retirement Plan)

  • After 4 years and 9 months of service, employees are vested in the pension program

Tuition Waiver

  • Employees are eligible for tuition waiver as follows:

    At Date of Hire:
    For Undergraduate Tuition
    After One Year of Service:
    For Graduate Tuition
    Regular full-time: 100% Regular full-time: 100%
    Regular part-time: 50% Regular part-time: 50%
    Limited part-time: 25% Limited part-time: 25%

  • Spouse and dependent children of employees become eligible for Undergraduate tuition benefits as follows:

    After 6 months of service After 1 year of service
    50% for dependents of full-time employees 100% for dependents of full-time employees
    25% for dependents of regular, part-time employees 50% for dependents of regular, part-time employees

  • Spouse and dependent children of employees become eligible for Graduate tuition benefits as follows:

      0-4 years of service 5-9 years of service 10+ years of service
    25% 50% 100%
    25% 50% 50%
    No Waiver 25% 25%

  • Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in the University catalog to maintain eligibility for tuition benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts

  • FSA for Medical and/or Childcare.  The Medical FSA carries a $2,550 annual cap and the Childcare FSA caries a cap of $5,000 annually.   
  • Premiums are pre-taxed. 
  • Open enrollment is 30 days from the date of hire OR during the month of December each year.

AFLAC Insurance Accounts

  • Five plans are available:   Accident, Cancer, Specified Health Plan (covers heart attack, stroke, burns, and transplants), Intensive Care and Short-term disability. 
  • Premiums are pre-taxed. 
  • Open enrollment is 30 days from date of hire OR during the month of December each year.

Employee Assistance Program

  • Employees and their families & extended families can enjoy free benefits from Perspectives, Inc., including counseling, help with personal or family issues, Care Coordinator Services, assistance with making a Will, filing taxes, childcare, and much more.

Option to Purchase Additional Life Insurance

  • Employees may purchase additional life insurance through Texas Life Insurance Co.

Long Term Care Insurance

  • Employees have the option to purchase Long Term Care Insurance for themselves, spouses, parents and grandparents and adult children and siblings, through Genworth Financial.

This snapshot is a summary of benefits and is not intended to be an all-inclusive statement of benefits.  The data CD, Your Employee Benefits, and the white booklet, Summary Plan Description, have been provided to you as resources for your insurance and retirement benefit questions.  In all cases, please consult these documents and contact Office of Human Resources to provide clarification.

Additional information on employee benefits is available in the
Office of Human Resources (3rd Floor, Room 306 Learning Resource Center, ext. 5270).

Graciela Dufour, Associate Vice President
Lori Misheck, Director
Randi Jackson, Benefits & Compensation Specialist
Norene Tierney, Contract Coordinator
Janice Coats, Secretary

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