Funding Option A: Off-Campus Conferences and Workshops

The University Faculty Development Fund provides financial assistance for faculty who wish to attend a conference or workshop having a discipline-specific focus or one that is devoted to pedagogical issues in teaching and learning.

Each faculty member is able to receive funding for conferences and workshops from the University Faculty Development Committee after he/she has used the $350 or $175 for half time faculty available from the Dean’s Fund for Professional Development. Faculty may apply for funding after a conference has already taken place; however, there is no guarantee that funding will be approved.

Please note:

The intent of this funding is to support the professional development needs of individual faculty members.

When 2 or more faculty members are applying for funding to the same conference, the Faculty Development Committee will restrict its funding to two individuals applying for conference attendance. If a faculty member is a presenter, panelist or presenting a poster session, the application would not fall under this restriction.

The University Faculty Development Committee considers the degree of participation in the conference in its awarding of funding.

  • Presenter: Support is provided up to $1400 per academic year for full time faculty and $700 for half time faculty who are:

    • presenting a session
    • presenting a poster
    • part of a panel presentation

    at a conference in which their session proposal has been accepted through a peer-review process at an international, national, regional, state or local conference or as an invited presenter whose expenses have not been paid by the conference, or

    • officers of an international or national organization
    • member of an international or national conference committee
  • An additional support of $300 per academic year is available for faculty members who present at an international or national conference.

  • Attendee: Support is provided up to $600 for full time faculty and $300 for half time faculty per academic year for those who wish to attend an international, national, regional, state or local conference without having an active role as a presenter. Faculty who function as a session moderator will be funded at the Attendee level.

For reimbursement of an approved Application A, please complete the attached forms and submit with original receipts. Individuals who receive funding from the “presenter” category must provide evidence of presentation or participation as an officer/conference committee member such as a letter of presentation acceptance or a page from the conference program.

Submit Application Form A, Off-Campus Conferences and Workshops