Office of Assessment

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Office of Assessment

  • Dr. Ann Jordan, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Julie Krahl, Associate Provost for Academic Support
  • Vicky Tucker, Director, Instructional Data Analysis & Assessment
  • Dr. Valerie Vander Vliet, Chair, Biology Department, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Jion Liou Yen, Executive Director, Institutional Research and Planning

Committee for Assessment of Student Learning

  • Dr. David Anderson
  • Dr. Ann Jordan
  • Dr. Cynthia Howard
  • Dr. George Klemic
  • Dr. Julie Krahl
  • Dr. Michele Kramer
  • Dr. Ibrahim Mescioglu
  • Dr. Lesley Page
  • Dr. Christopher Palmi
  • Elizabeth Pearce
  • Dr. Anne Porter
  • Kristin Schumacher
  • Dr. Karen Trimble Alliaume
  • Dr. Valerie Vander Vliet
  • Keith White
  • Dr. Jion Liou Yen


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