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Efforts Garner Increase in International Student Enrollment

Published: August 8, 2011.

IDP region directors visit Romeoville Main Campus.

The International Student Students office is preparing for an increase in international students seeking degrees this fall. While the credit is due to strategic efforts over the course of several years, the summer season continues the hectic pace of serving almost twice the amount of international students as last academic year.

Claudia Maloney, assistant director of ISS represented the university at the IDP Users Conference June 19-21 in Chicago. More than 63 U.S. universities attended along with 30 members of IDP’s overseas staff (including LaSalle University at St. Mary’s of Minnesota). The main focus of the meetings was international recruitment strategy and partnership development.

Following this three-day event, Lewis hosted IDP country directors from China, Oman, India and China June 23 at the Romeoville campus. Michele Ryan, director of Admission, discussed the Graduate School of Management and Dr. Faisal Abdullah, director of the Master of Science in Information Security, chair and associate professor of the Department of Management Information Systems, discussed the various programs offered in the College of Business. Frank DuBois, director of Aviation and Transportation Studies, discussed aviation. Dr. Raymond Klump, chair and associate professor of Math and Computer Science, Dr. Jason Keleher, assistant professor of Chemistry, Dr. Joseph Kozminski, associate professor of Physics discussed their departments.

Other international delegation visits to the Romeoville campus included the Aug. 1 Omani delegation from Caledonian College of Engineering; a private college with approximately 3,000 students. The representatives discussed developing aviation-related programs due to the demand in the region.

Back in Chicago, Lewis University co-hosted the High School Counselors’ Workshop at the Cyprus Fulbright Commission Bicommunal Program July 5-16 in Chicago. WorldChicago and Study Illinois hosted the entire event. The main goal of the program was to introduce 16 high school counselors, from both the Greek and Turkish communities, to the U.S. education system with a special focus on the international student experience in higher education.

Other events over the summer included Maloney representing Lewis for the first time at the Overseas Association for College Admission Counselors Conference at the University of Calgary, Canada to develop relationships and promote Lewis’ programs to high school advisors from around the world. Lewis was also part of a delegation representing the Illinois International Education Consortium, called Study Illinois.

In Mumbai, Dr. Faisal Abdullah represented Lewis as he worked with the university’s global partner IDP to speak with potential students and their parents.

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