Academic Technology Solutions

Blackboard Requests

Request a New Course Shell(s)
  • Courses generated from SIS (Banner)
  • Instructor assignments generated from SIS
  • Student enrollments generated from SIS
Request a Course Roll-over
  • Content is copied from another course shell
    • Previous term(must know complete course number and term)
    • Master or development course shell
    • Another instructor's course(permission required)
  • Instructor is responsible for updating content
  • Student enrollments are updated following official enrollment
Request a Roster Update
  • Notify Blackboard support personnel of Roster discrepancies
    • Every effort is made to synchronize enrollments with the student record system, however, some discrepancies may occur.
  • Request TAs, Graders etc. to be added to the course
Request a NEW Organization Shell
  • An Organization shell is similar to a course shell, but is not associaed with a specific course or term
  • Organization shells may be for students groups, program information, faculty work, etc.
Request Classroom Equipment
  • Primarily laptop computers and projectors
    • Requests must come from faculty or staff
Request Training/Coaching for Instructional Technology
  • Request an individual appointment
  • Request a group session