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Sustainability Committee

Involvement is always welcome at the Sustainability Council. The mission of the Sustainability Council, formerly known as the University Environmental and Energy Conservation Council (UEECC) is to develop policies and strategies that reflect Lewis University's commitment to sustainable practices, which meet our

current needs without compromising resources for future generations.

The Council promotes responsible environmental stewardship to accomplish its mission, which calls for personal responsibility in the care of the planet.

The Sustainability Council is committed to leading by example. In this regard, University activities are conducted in a manner that conserves natural resources in a sustainable manner, protects the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff as well as the surrounding community, and promotes environmental education, local action, and global awareness.

Annual Events

While new sustainability programs and events are always being created. There are a few that will occur each year.

  • America Recycles Day: November 15th
  • Come Clean, Go Green Contest: Submissions are due by March
  • Earth Day: April 22nd
  • Arbor Day: April 25th