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Vehicle, Parking, and Traffic Regulations

These Vehicle, Parking, and Traffic Regulations are designed to better serve the Lewis community in providing traffic safety and sufficient parking for students, faculty, staff, and visitors and make enforcement as equitable as possible for all members of the community.

Vehicle Registration

All students operating a motor vehicle on campus must obtain a parking permit from the University Police Department. The parking permit must be obtained and displayed on the vehicle by the end of the second week of classes each semester. Should a student lose his/her parking permit through accident, or any other reason, he/she must obtain another one immediately.

Parking Permit Fees and Procedures


  • Resident Permit ($85)
  • Commuter Permit ($85) - fee waived for students enrolled in Graduate and Accelerated programs.
  • Additional vehicles registered within the same family ($25)
  • Remote Permit (Lot NN) ($0) - Supply is limited to the first 200 applicants.
  • Replacement permit (if lost or damaged) $5
  • Temporary Permits ($0)
  • Guest passes ($0) for non-students and must be requested in person prior to the end of business hours.
  • Faculty/Staff Permit ($0)

  • Students must present a University Identification Card and the make, model, and state registration number of the vehicle to be registered.

  • New permits are issued one time, a parking fee will be charged every semester you have an active permit. In order to replace a permit (for a new vehicle or lost permit) the student must deactivate the old permit. Forms will be available online to de-active old permits.

  • Parking Permits are billed by the business office to the students account. Accounts can be monitored and paid online. It is the responsibility of the student to make contact with Police or the Business Office in the event there is a permit billing error.

  • If a non-registered vehicle is to be operated on campus on a temporary basis, a temporary parking permit must be obtained from Campus Police.

  • Temporary permits are valid for up to 1 week and may be obtained no more than 3 times each semester. These permits are only issued from the main University Police office located in the lower level of the Student Union. The temporary permit will indicate the driver’s status: faculty/staff, commuter or resident. A driver issued a temporary permit may only park in lots which correspond to the driver’s status.

  • All vehicles must be properly licensed and completely operable according to Illinois State Vehicles Codes and Village of Romeoville Ordinances.

  • Lewis University cannot assume responsibility for any damage or thefts from vehicles on campus.

  • Student Parking Permits must be displayed in the upper left (driver side) rear windshield of the vehicle. For motorcycles, the permits may be displayed on the windshield or other prominent location near the front of the cycle.

  • Faculty/Staff parking permits must be hung from the inside rear-view mirror of the registered vehicle.

  • Faculty/Staff parking permits are requested via online form on the Police webpage.

  • Temporary Permits and Guest Permits should be displayed on the front dashboard in plain view.

Parking Regulations

  1. Using University Parkway as the dividing line, the campus is split into two sectors; North and South. Following is a breakdown of the lots by letter (with the old name or location in a parenthesis) and designation is as follows:

    North Sector

    Lot A (Lasalle House) Christian Brothers and guests
    Lot B (Stritch Hall) Stritch Hall Staff and Visitors
    Lot C (Commuter Lot) Commuter Students and Faculty/Staff
    Lot D (Academic) Faculty/Staff and Visitors Only (Open after 4:30 pm)
    Lot E (North Aviation) Faculty/Staff and Visitors Only
    Lot F (South Aviation) Faculty/Staff Only (Open after 4:30 pm)
    Lot FF (West Aviation) Offline/Special Event Only
    Lot G (JFK) Commuter Student and Visitor Only (until 4:30 pm)
    Lot GG (South Soccer Field) Faculty / Staff and Commuter Students

  2. South Sector

    Lot L (LRC) Commuter Students, Faculty/Staff, and Visitors
    Lot M (North Hall) Resident Students Only
    Lot MM (Fitzpatrick Hall) Resident Students Only
    Lot N (Soccer Field) Students, Faculty/Staff, and Visitors
    Lot NN (South of Weather Station) Student, Faculty/Staff, and Visitors (Free Permit Lot)
    Lot O (DeLasalle Hall) Faculty/Staff Parking Only
    Lot P (Power House) Faculty/Staff Parking Only
    Lot Q (Benilde Front) Faculty/Staff/Visitors Only
    Lot S (Benilde rear) Commuter Students and Faculty/Staff Only
    Lot T (Ryan/Cody) Resident Students Only
    Lot U (DeLaSalle/CON) Faculty/Staff and Visitors
    Lot V (South Hall) Faculty Staff Parking Only
    Lot W (Brennan Field) Students, Faculty/Staff, and Visitors
    Lot X (John Paul II Hall) Commuter Students, Faculty/Staff, and Visitors
    Lot Y (Mother Teresa Hall) Commuter Students, Faculty/Staff, and Visitors
    Lot Z (Behind John Paul II) Residents and Faculty/Staff
    Lot ZZ (west of Dorothy Day Hall) Residents and Faculty/Staff

  3. Special restrictions such as handicap parking, designated spaces for visitors, and other special designations are posted in each parking lot. Vehicles with state issued handicapped plates or placards may park in any designated handicapped parking space regardless of the lot usage designation in accordance with state law and village ordinances.

    • Handicapped parking spaces are (2) parking spaces wide. Parking is not permitted in the hashed area between marked spaces unless your vehicle is properly registered with state handicapped plates or placards.

  4. There is no parking allowed on any University street by other than authorized University vehicles, emergency vehicles, or where otherwise posted.

  5. All vehicles operated by students and faculty/staff members must display a valid parking permit. Parking permits must be visible and legible to Campus Police personnel. Instructions on proper display of permits are available from Campus Police.

  6. No parking is permitted at the side of campus buildings, in grassy areas, on sidewalks, or within 15 feet of fire hydrants or crosswalks.

  7. Commuter Parking Lots (C, GG, L, S, X and Y) are restricted from having overnight parking without an overnight guest pass or a Faculty / Staff hangtag.

  8. Students who have registered for the free parking permit (Lot NN) are restricted from parking in any parking lot on campus other than Lot NN.


  1. University Police will enforce all parking regulations on the campus on a 24 hour/7 day per week basis. Vehicles in violation of parking regulations are subject to ticketing and towing by the University Police and/or the Romeoville Police Department.

  2. A 2 week time period will be allotted at the beginning of each semester to allow students and faculty/staff members to obtain and display valid parking permits. (This period simply allows individuals to register their vehicles, all other regulations are in effect, for example students are not allowed to park in staff spaces.)

  3. Fines for citations issued by the University Police range from $20.00 to $250.00 for each offense cited. Fines are payable at the Business Office within seven days of the issuance of the citation. Failure to satisfy the fines charged will ordinarily result in fines being billed to students, faculty, or staff by the Business Office. Unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved parking areas, including handicapped, will be subject to a fine and towing at the owner's expense.

  4. The Village of Romeoville has contracted with the University to enforce all state and local regulations, including traffic and parking ordinances and statutes. Citations issued by the Romeoville Police Department or any other authorized law enforcement agencies are not connected with any citations issued by Lewis University Campus Police.

  5. Campus Parking lot restrictions are removed beginning each Friday at 6pm until Sunday night at 6pm. All lots are open, with the exception of handicapped accessible spaces.

  6. The purchase of a permit allows you to park on campus. It does not guarantee you a spot.

Traffic Regulations

  1. The speed limit on all University streets is 15 MPH.

  2. The speed limit in all University parking lots is 10 MHP

  3. All traffic regulations of the Village of Romeoville and the State of Illinois are in effect on the campus and will be enforced. This includes enforcement of Stop Signs, Pedestrian Crosswalks, and other state and local traffic regulations.

  4. All road markings and signs must be obeyed. Special attention should be paid to stop signs and crosswalks.


  1. The person to whom a vehicle is registered is responsible for any and all violations of campus traffic and parking regulations, unless the driver at the time of the violation is specifically identified.

  2. Adding automobile oil is permitted, but oil cans and other debris must be placed in receptacles. No oil changing or repairs to cars may be made on campus. Any exceptions must have the prior approval of Campus Police.

  3. Inoperable vehicles may not be left on campus. Such vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

  4. Students accumulating more than five tickets during a semester may be referred to the Office of Student Services for judicial processing. Any additional violations may result in suspension of driving privileges on campus. Students operating a vehicle on campus while under such suspension will be referred to the Office of Student Services for disciplinary action.

Parking Ticket Appeals

For information to appeal a parking ticket go to this page.

Fine Schedules

Permit Violations $20.00
Restricted Area $20.00
Improper Parking - Wrong lot, roadways, fire lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, etc. $30.00
Parking on grass/landscaping areas $35.00 plus damages
Moving Violations - Speeding, stop signs, and other moving violations $50.00
Handicap Parking violation $250.00

Contact the University Police Department at Extension 5222 or (815) 836-5222 for any questions

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