Police Department

Guest Registration

Students should register their expected guests in advance in person with the Department of Campus Police so that the guests can be admitted by the officer controlling vehicle access to the campus. Failure to do so will result in guests being denied access to the campus.

In order to register a guest you must appear in person at the information center with your student id. If you wish to register an overnight guest please read the residence life section of the student handbook for those procedures. Access to campus is limited beginning at midnight each night and goes until 6 am.

Helpful Resources

Emergency Number:
(815) 836-5911 or Ext. 5911

Non Emergency:

(815) 836-5222 or Ext. 5222

The Clery Center for Security on Campus

Faculty/Staff Key Request Form

Lost/Stolen Keys Report Form

Campus Safety Reports

Permit Deactivation

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