Police Department

On Campus Locations of Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

The Recreation Center – Located by the front desk. On the back Northwest wall behind the desk.

The Theater / Fine Arts building – Located on the 2nd floor East hallway in the copy room. As you enter the copy room it is on the East wall just inside of the door.

Benilde hall – Located inside of room B101. As you enter B101 look ahead but to the right side in the short hallway that leads to the interior entrance going into B-102.

L.R.C. 3rd floor (Old education area) – It is located in Office room 335. It is on the rear west side wall of this office.

LaSalle House – Just as you come into the front entrance of LaSalle House look to your left and towards the North hallway. Just before you enter the North hallway on the left hand side is a closet with bi-fold doors. It is in this closet, on the back north wall.

Courtyard Café - Just as you enter the Courtyard café through the glass main entrance doors immediately look to your right it is on this North wall.

Charlie’s Place - When you enter the West side entrance of the serving line area, just as you enter the west entrance door look to your left by the coffee machine. It is on the North wall.

Library – It is on the wall directly behind the front desk, on the east side closest towards the elevator.

Campus Police - This Unit is mobile and taken with an officer as needed.

Athletics - This Unit is mobile and taken with the Athletic trainer as needed.

College of Nursing – Located in the rear North hallway just outside of room 211 which is a storage room.

DeLaSalle 3rd floor lounge - Located in the staff lounge. Just as you enter this room look to your left and right behind you, on the East wall.

Mother Teresa Hall - Lower Level, main hallway, west wall.

LaGrippe Pastoral Center - Located in the main hallway between the Chapel and the Darcy Great Room.