Police Department

On Campus Locations of Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Recreation Center
Behind front desk

Fine Arts
Next to first floor elevator

Benilde Hall
Next to SB-150

Learning Resource Center
3rd Floor Outside HR

Learning Resource Center
Business Office

LaSalle House
Closet Near The Main Entrance

Courtyard Café Dinning Area
DL-120 South Wall

Behind The Main Desk

Mobile Unit, Squad 06

Mobile Unit, Squad 35

College of Nursing
2nd Floor Rear Hallway

De La Salle Central
3rd Floor Faculty Lounge

Hallway Between Chapel and D’Arcy

Harold E. White
Next to HW-105

Mother Theresa Basement
Next to House Phone

Academic Science Center
Next to AS-114-L

St. Charles Borromeo
Next to central stairwell to College of Business

Sheil Hall
Lower level next to SL-052
SES Department

Athletic Trainers
UNIT # 01

Athletic Trainers
UNIT # 02

Athletic Trainers
UNIT # 03

Student Union
Next to 2nd Floor East Doors

Charlie’s Place
Next to the main entrance to the food service line.

Stadium Press Box
Dorothy Day Basement

Fitzpatrick Hall
Common Grounds South Wall

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