Office of Multicultural Student Services


  • Innovatively and collaboratively works with Lewis University colleges and administrative departments to enhance, empower and retain students.

  • Actively committed to assisting all students in completing a successful college education in a diverse and culturally enriched environment.

  • Serve as a resource for faculty and staff members attempting to understand, explore, address and support the incorporation of diversity in the classroom and other areas of the educational process.

  • Fosters an environment of excellence that prepares our students to compete in the job market, pursue graduate/professional school and serve as responsible members of their families, communities, and the world.

  • Evaluate the manner in which we supply services, programs, and instruction to students.

  • Provides leadership for a campus environment that values and supports affirming identities; nurturing their development; building inclusive communities; and creating positive social change.

  • Provide ethnic minority students with academic, social, personal and other support services that facilitate their adjustment to the University.

  • Help foster within the University community a respect for and an appreciation of the history, tradition, and culture of ethnic minority student and their organizations.