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STAND, a Catholic Relief Services Campus Ambassador Program, advocates for human rights, and is committed to assisting the poor and vulnerable by promoting social justice and peace. STAND's focus is international in scope and we address issues that impact people around the world. STAND meets every Wednesday, from 3:30-5:00pm in the Morton Boston Room (Student Union). Everyone is welcome to attend. STAND also holds regular movie nights and runs the annual STAND for Rights Week.

Contact: Sabrina Poulin.

Catalyst Social Justice Experience

  • January 16-18, 2015
  • This is your chance to see the world differently, and find out how you can make a change.
  • Join us for a weekend immersion in the city of Chicago to "see" poverty more vividly, "feel" poverty more intensely, and to understand poverty's causes more fully
  • We will visit shelters and health clinics, tour neighborhoods and encounter the people whose stories are not told and those working for change.
  • Through encountering God in these places, you will discover how to live a faith that does justice 

Catalyst Team

The Catalyst Team dedicates the fall semester to become a community to educate for social justice on campus. They accomplish this through service projects, prayerful reflection and spreading the good news to others. In spring, the team leads the Catalyst Retreat for their peers.

Contact: Sabrina Poulin.

Social Justice Pilgrimages

The Social Justice Pilgrimages serve to invite students deeper into the continuing ministry of Jesus through experiencing the people, places, and history of significant movements towards a more just world. This is not merely a trip to study history, but an opportunity for students to engage with the places and people who have made significant contributions to social justice. Through this learning by encounter, students will be better situated to respond to the gospel call to do justice.

Potential sites for future pilgrimages include: The American Southeast (Civil Rights Movement), the American-Mexican Border (immigration), and Bethlehem-Jerusalem (the Palestinian-Israeli peace process).

Bethlehem-Jerusalem (Holy Land) Pilgrimage: December 26 - January 6

Contact: Steve Zlatic.

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