CASICS: Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students

What is CASICS?

CASICS is a two-session marijuana use assessment and education program that allows Lewis students to explore their smoking behaviors and reflect on ways to reduce risky behaviors and harmful consequences of marijuana use.

Who are the BASICS facilitators?

CASICS is facilitated by a mental health counselor, providing a non-judgmental, positive, and empowering space to explore one’s alcohol use.

What to expect…

CASICS consists of two 50-minute sessions scheduled two weeks apart. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their past and current marijuana use and explore risk factors and protective behaviors. Students will be provided with personalized feedback that addresses good and no-so-good behaviors, myths and truths about marijuanal use, the students’ use patterns compared to other Lewis students, potential risk factors, ways to reduce harm or risk, and resources to assist the student in making desired changes.

Alcohol & Other Drug Policy Violations

If a student has violated the university Alcohol & Other Drug Policy and is sanctioned to attend CASICS, the student will receive the same screening, intervention, and feedback as self-referrals.

However, the student in violation will be required to follow any and all recommendations as suggested by the CASICS facilitator. Should the student not attend and complete the 2-session CASICS program and follow any and all recommendations, the judicial board will be notified and may consequently incur further sanctions.

For more information about the university judicial process, please reference the Student Handbook.


All information discussed within the CASICS sessions is held confidential between the student and the facilitator, similar to individual counseling. However, if a student indicates harm to him/herself or others, information may be disclosed as appropriate.

Also note, sanctioned students will be asked to sign a Release of Information for the purpose of communicating completion of the program and resulting recommendations.

To schedule a confidential CASICS session, contact The Center for Health and Counseling at 815-836-5455.


Marijuana e-CHECKUP TO GO is a free interactive survey that provides personalized feedback about a person's marijuana use patterns. The survey, which takes about 15-30 minutes to complete, encourages the student to reflect on the following:

  • Past and current usage
  • The good and not-so-good aspects of use
  • Lewis University norms and national college use patterns
  • Specific heatlh and personal consequences
  • Unique personal and family risk factors
  • Campus and community support and emergency services