Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy

Use, possession, sale, transfer, or manufacture of any controlled substance or paraphernalia commonly associated with controlled substances is prohibited. The University fully complies with the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act of 1989, as well as all aspects of the Higher Education Act and Amendments. The University will call upon local police agencies as necessary in the enforcement of its controlled substance policy. Due to the nature of some majors or programs, there are more strict policies related to substance abuse. Students should refer to the manual or handbook in their field of study or selected University activity for more details. Alcohol may be possessed and consumed in moderation by those students 21 years of age or older in private rooms in the residence halls, at University sponsored events as approved by the Vice President for Student Services, or at private functions supervised by authorized University officials. Students are prohibited from possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages elsewhere on the campus, including grounds and nonresidential campus facilities, without the permission of the University. 


  1. Possession of alcohol without authorization will result in immediate confiscation and disposal. 

  2. Students 21 years of age or older are prohibited from supplying alcohol to minors under any circumstance. 

  3. Consuming alcohol in the presence of minors is not permitted in the residence halls. The only exception to this policy is when a person of legal age is a roommate to a minor. No guests may be present in this case. 

  4. To encourage moderation for students of legal age, a maximum of two cases of beer or three liters of wine or liquor are allowed in a room at any one time. Amounts in excess of these limits will be confiscated by an appropriate University official. 

  5. The use and/or possession of any device designed to increase speed or quantity of alcohol consumed such as bongs, funnels, or hoses is prohibited. These devices are subject to confiscation by staff members. 

  6. Public intoxication is prohibited. 

  7. Kegs of beer, keg tappers, and party balls are prohibited except with special permission from the Office of Student Services. 

  8. No gatherings of more than eight people where alcohol is present are allowed at any time in the residence halls. 

  9. Regardless of age, no one may consume or carry open alcohol anywhere on campus including residence hall common areas. 

  10. Alcohol being transported on campus must be concealed from view. 

Alcohol-free living environments have been established where first year students live. No student regardless of age may possess alcohol at any time in or around these halls. 

*In accordance with federal law and university policy, the University will notify parent/guardian in cases of alcohol/drug policy violations. Additionally, parents will be notified when there is a serious concern for a student’s mental or physical well-being, regardless of the involvement of alcohol and/or drugs.

**Please refer to the Student Handbook for a list of possible sanctions and description of the judicial process for violating this policy. 

Smoking Policy

In compliance with Illinois Indoor Clean Air Act, Lewis University is primarily a smoke-free campus. Smoking in all University buildings, including residence halls, is prohibited. 

Please note that smoking is allowed at designated outside locations – all of which are at least 25 feet from building entrances.