Coming Soon…SPCE to add a late start online College Math class!

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Math Class








The School for Professional and Continuing Education will be adding a new online College Math class in Session H of the Fall semester.  Look for COLLEGE MATH (LD115T) or ask your Academic Advisor, now!

  • This course meets the General Education Math requirement (Check with your advisor for specific program requirements)
  • Course Description:   The primary focus of this course to to develop problem solving skills and strategies.
    1. To identify problem solving processes and demonstrate their application.
    2. To become familiar with the language of mathematics.
    3. To know and apply the basics of Set Theory.
    4. To know and apply the basics of Mathematical Logic.
    5. To know and apply the basics of Probability and Counting Techniques.
    6. To know and apply the basics of Statistics.
    7. To demonstrate competency with electronic communication.

Most activities will be completed online.  Students MUST purchase the access to MyMathLab for this course.

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