Arts and Science and At-Large Student Dean’s Lists

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Dr. Bonnie BondavalliAt Lewis University, undergraduate students who have completed 12 graded credits in a semester are considered for the Dean’s list if they have a term GPA of 3.25 or above.

Dean Bonnie Bondavalli said, “Congratulations. This is a significant honor that is given to those who have shown excellence in their academic work. It attests to your hard work, determination, dedication and commitment to learning and achievement. On behalf of the Faculty of the College, I extend to you our heartiest best wishes for your continued success as a student and a scholar. Please know of our hopes that you will continue to find joy in your intellectual endeavors now as a student and throughout your life.”

The following Arts and Science and At-Large students in accelerated programs are honored for their academic success:

Deans List 2013 AS

Deans List 2013 2 ASDean's List 2013 3 AS



















Every semester, the colleges publish a Dean’s List of Honor Students for full time students.  Beginning Fall, 2013, to be eligible, an undergraduate student must have completed at least 12 hours during the semester, with a grade point average of at least 3.5 and with no “D” or “F” grades.  A grade of Incomplete (I) will cause a student’s name to be omitted from the Dean’s List.  Credit hours taken on a pass/fail basis are not included among the 12 hours needed to be eligible for the Dean’s List of Honor Students.

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