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On Sunday, April 14, 2013, Lewis University’s Lambda Epsilon Delta chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society held its second annual induction ceremony at the St. Charles Borromeo Pastoral Center to honor the exceptional academic accomplishments of its high-achieving adult students.

Alpha Sigma Lambda was originally founded in 1946 by Dr. Rollin E. Posey, Dean of University College of Northwestern University, to recognize and honor superior scholarship of adults who accomplish academic excellence while trying to fulfill their many commitments to family, community, and work.  Today, Alpha Sigma Lambda is the oldest and largest chapter-based honor society for adult students with chapters at over 300 colleges and universities throughout the United States.  Lewis University is proud to present this nationally recognized prestigious honor to recognize the valuable contributions non-traditional students make to the university’s diverse learning community.

To be considered for chapter membership, a student must meet the following requirements:  be at least 24 years of age; be a matriculated student seeking his/her first undergraduate degree; have completed a minimum of 32 credit hours at Lewis University; have at least 12 credit hours in liberal arts; have achieved at least a 3.700 grade point average; rank among the top 20% of eligible students; and have junior or senior status.

This year, a total of 52 students accepted membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda; a total of 21 students attended the ceremony.  The adult student inductees represented 17 majors from all four colleges; were daytime, evening, main campus, regional campus, and online students; and in addition to being Illinois residents, one student was from Wisconsin, one from California, and four from New Mexico.  Every student inductee had a GPA within the range of 3.837 – 4.000.

The ceremony began with an introduction by Bernadette Valderrama, Academic Advisor for the School for Professional and Continuing Education and Chapter Councilor, who recognized how it was indeed a day for great celebration and applauded the students for their effort and persistence. This was followed by a moving invocation delivered by Dr. Lesley Page, Associate Professor from The College of Arts and Sciences, who also serves as Deputy Councilor.  The Welcome Address was then given by Lewis University President, Br. James Gaffney, who generously acknowledged that, for adult students to excel scholastically amid their countless responsibilities and challenges, is testament to their competence, courage, and discipline.

During the ceremony, Dr. Walter Pearson, Dean of the School for Professional and Continuing Education, offered gratitude to those who admirably commit to serving adult students and presented four Excellence in Learning awards to three Faculty Members, Dr. R. V. Barello, Dr. Philip Jenks, Dr. Anne Rapp, and to one Staff Member, Maggi Pfrommer.  The four award recipients along with Br. James Gaffney were also bestowed with Honorary Membership in the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society.

The newly elected 2013 Alpha Sigma Lambda Student Officers, Gene Klimek (President), Doris Wallace (Vice President), Sarah Eberwein (Secretary), and Marina Kostyra (Treasurer) assisted with the ritual and administered the Pledge of Membership to the new inductees.  Also assisting the inductees before and after the ceremony, were the newly appointed 2013 Board Members, Robin Boland, Eva Bustamante, La’toya Carter, Laura Hutton, Joan Strainis, and Chad Turner, as well as the staff from the School for Professional and Continuing Education.

Dr. Mary Fisher, Associate Professor in the College of Education recited the names, and Dr. Michael Cherry, Coordinator of Adult Business Programs from the College of Business along with Dr. Lesley Page distributed certificates and membership materials to the inductees.

After a standing ovation, and a resplendent recessional to The Trumpet Voluntary performed by musician, Michael Pleska, the inductees were joined by family, friends, and faculty, for a reception of light refreshments and fellowship.

Students inducted into the honor society included: Christine Alessi, Kevin Archibald, Tamara Arnold, Ann Bakshis, Christa Barton, James Baum, Jennifer Belice, Therese Berglund, Michael Bird, Michael Breese, Jodi Canaday, Ann Candelaria, Nicholas Cassell, Sheila Debelak, Wojciech Fedorowicz, Lynda Frank, Chad Funk, Cary Hansing, Karly Hantosh, Shannon Heim, Kimberly Herzog, Christina Howard, Eileen Johnson, William Kallal, Kevin Karasti, Wendy Knox, George Krizka, Kandis Kuklinski, Sarah Langheld, Julie Lombardo, Jessica Mellen, Mark Milazzo, Daniel Miller, Joyce Montoya-Roach, Danielle Mosher, Heather Multon, Scott Myers, Heath Parvis, Kelly Quinn, Nicole Rafferty, La’tonya Sawyer, Jeremy Schmeling, David Scholtes, Anna Schroeder, Cynthia Shepkong, Ann Marie Spohnholtz, Vincent Sproete, Kathryn Strait, Tracy Vittorio, Laura Wirth, David Woock, Ruben Zendejas.

Story contributed by: Bernadette Valderrama


ASL Group 2013 2










The photo above features students who attended the ceremony:

Third Row (Top) (left to right): Ann Bakshis; Kelly Quinn; Karly Hantosh; George Krizka; Scott Myers; Kevin Karasti; Michael Bird

Second Row (left to right): La’tonya Sawyer; Danielle Mosher; Kathryn Strait; Ann Marie Spohnholtz; William Kallal; Joyce Montoya-Roach

First Row (Bottom) (left to right):  Jodi Canaday; Heather Multon; Wendy Knox; Therese Berglund; Cynthia Shepkong; Anna Schroeder; Julie Lombardo


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