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As one is focused and engaged on earning a business degree they are consumed by their coursework i.e., next assignment, upcoming quiz, research paper, group project, registering for next sessions class, etc. While this focus is critical to success, it is helpful to, once in a while, pick your head up and review the “reasons why” you are spending all this time and energy. Perhaps the following quotations can serve as inspiration and motivation as you continue (or think about) earning your degree.

Real success in business is to be found in achievements comparable rather with those of the artist or the scientist, or the inventor or the statesman. And the joys sought in the profession of business must be like their joys and not the mere vulgar satisfaction which is experienced in the acquisition of money, in the exercise of power, or in the frivolous pleasure of mere winning.

Justice Louis D. Brandei


The image of George Washington kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge says something about the method of all leadership – humble, modest service.

George Sweeting


“This,” they will say, “is our northbound train.  This is the direction we have chose, and no other.  If you don’t feel you want to go north, there are other trains you can ride.  But this particular train is going north, and I expect anyone who rides it to commit his or her energies fully to the journey.” 

Karl Albrecht


“The new paragon of an executive is a person who can envision a future for the organization, and then inspire colleagues to join in building that future.”

James Belasco and Ralph Sayer

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