FREE Blackboard Orientation: Learn how to maneuver in an online course!

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Blackboard Orientation 3.9.13













Join us and learn how to navigate your Blackboard courses!  No need to be worried that you wont be able to adjust to taking classes in an online session.  This step-by-step learning environment will introduce you to the system, as an actual online user.  You will get hands on experience!  

If you are interested in attending this FREE orientation, please contact  your advisor or call us at (815)836-5621 or email .

Here what some of the recent attendees have to say about this orientation:

  •   “Learning not only the functions of Blackboard, but also getting an understanding of some of the different ways teachers may utilize the system so I do not get flustered when I see different aspects appear in certain shells but not seeing others as the professors choose.”
  •   “Great introduction to a useful tool. Would not have been comfortable taking online courses without this knowledge. Alvin is very knowledgeable and easy to understand. A true joy to be in his orientation.  Thank you thank you!”
  •   “I think everything was very helpful because this is my first time to do Blackboard and really need this orientation, was amazing.”
  •   “The way it was presented was really good. I didn’t understand how to work blackboard when I walked in, but now I have a full understanding of how to work it.  THANKS!!!!”
  •   “I really feel like everything was covered well.  Maybe once class starts I will have more questions, but I feel as far as blackboard is concerned I have a good understanding.”
  •   “I have never taken an online class before. I feel this orientation was extremely helpful in all aspects.  The instructor was very thorough and took us though it step by step.”
  •   “I have never used blackboard before, so I was feeling overwhelmed. I am grateful this orientation to blackboard was started.  The whole class was helpful.”
  •   “I have not taken an online course so this was very helpful to me so that I can navigate through blackboard.”
  •   “It was nice to see each different module.  I feel more comfortable navigating the site.”
  •   “Everything is going to help.  The instructor was clear and patient.”




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