Adult Student Priorities Survey

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For each question, students are asked “How important is this to you?” and “How satisfied are you?” Mean levels of importance and satisfaction are computed and a gap analysis is conducted. Small gaps are celebrated. Large gaps are areas for analysis and action. All of these are compared to a national adult student benchmark.


  • Adult students are made to feel welcome at this institution.
  • Faculty care about me as an individual.
  • Classes are scheduled at times that are convenient for me.
  • The content of the courses within my major is valuable.
  • Classroom locations are safe and secure for all students.
  • Financial aid counselors are helpful to adult students.
  • The staff at this institution are caring and helpful.
  • My academic advisor is available at times that are convenient for me.
  • Billing policies are reasonable for adult students.
  • Admissions representatives are knowledgeable.
  • My academic advisor is concerned about my success as an individual.
  • Computer labs are adequate and accessible for adult students.
  • The amount of student parking is adequate.
  • Faculty are fair and unbiased in their treatment of individual students.
  • Library resources and services are adequate for adults.
  • I am able to register for classes I need with few conflicts.
  • Business office hours are convenient for adult students.
  • Parking lots are well-lighted and secure.
  • My academic advisor is knowledgeable about requirements in my major.
  • Registration processes are reasonable and convenient for adults.
  • Tuition paid is a worthwhile investment.
  • Security staff respond quickly in emergencies.
  • Adequate financial aid is available for most adult students.
  • There is a commitment to academic excellence at this institution.
  • Admissions representatives respond to adult students’ unique needs.
  • Faculty provide timely feedback about my progress.
  • This institution has a good reputation within the community.
  • My academic advisor is accessible by telephone and e-mail.
  • I seldom get the “run-around” when seeking information at this institution.
  • Academic support services adequately meet the needs of adult students.
  • I am able to register for classes by personal computer, fax, or telephone.
  • My classes provide opportunities to improve my technology skills.
  • Channels are readily available for adult students to express complaints.
  • I receive complete information on the availability of financial aid.
  • The quality of instruction I receive in my program is excellent.
  • Vending or snack bar food options are readily available.
  • Part-time faculty are competent as classroom instructors.
  • Career services are adequate and accessible for adult students.
  • This institution responds quickly to my requests for information.
  • Faculty are usually available for adult students outside the classroom by phone, by e-mail or in-person.
  • Major requirements are clear and reasonable.
  • Nearly all faculty are knowledgeable in their field.
  • This institution offers a variety of payment plans for adult students.
  • When students enroll at this institution, they develop a plan to complete their degree.
  • I am able to complete most of my enrollment tasks in one location.
  • This institution provides timely responses to student complaints.
  • Bookstore hours are convenient for adult students.
  • I am aware of whom to contact for questions about programs and services.
  • There are sufficient options within my program of study.
  • My advisor helps me apply my academic major to specific career goals.

Reasons to enroll

  • Cost as factor in decision to enroll.
  • Financial aid/scholarship opportunities as factor in decision to enroll.
  • Academic reputation as factor in decision to enroll.
  • Size of institution as factor in decision to enroll.
  • Future employment opportunities as factor in decision to enroll.
  • Recommendations from family/friends/employer as factor in decision to enroll.
  • Campus location (close to home/work) as factor in decision to enroll.
  • Availability of evening/weekend courses as factor in decision to enroll.
  • Personalized attention prior to enrollment as factor in decision to enroll.


  • So far, how has your college experience met your expectations?
  • Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience here thus far.
  • All in all, if you had to do it over, would you enroll here again?

Supplemental questions unique to Lewis University:

  • I received an adequate orientation to Lewis University as a new student.
  • The orientation provided at the beginning of my program prepared me for academic success in the program.
  • My advisor offers helpful assistance during registration process.
  • Transfer requirements are reasonable.
  • Availability of my degree program at a regional campus supports my adult student needs.
  • Availability of online classes as an option in my major supports my needs.
  • The Lewis University web site provided useful program information in my decision to enroll.
  • Classes are scheduled at locations that are convenient to me.
  • Availability of career services affected my decision to enroll at Lewis.
  • Technology support is available when I need it.
  • Wireless technology is adequate and accessible for adult students.
  • Online information sessions provided adequate information to enroll.
  • Availability of accelerated classes supports my adult life needs.
  • Blackboard enhances my academic experience at Lewis.
  • I am aware of my options for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).
  • My Lewis education prepares me to move to the next level of my career.
  • The Lewis University website is easy to navigate.


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